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VW Transporter T4 Adhesive Wind Deflectors (Pair) 1996-2003

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VW Transporter Smoked Acrylic Adhesive Wind Deflectors T4

Wind deflectors fit to the side doors or window channels within the door and are a fantastic accessory for any vehicle. They enable the natural exchange of air from the inside of the vehicle to the outside. Preventing windows from fogging up on those rainy days as they allow ventilation of the vehicles cabin.

With the windows open, the wind deflectors will protect the driver against the direct impact of gusts of wind. They also decrease dirt on the side windows, enabling better visibility in side mirrors and make it possible to open windows even during heavy rain or snow. Not only are they practical they also highlight the styling line of the vehicle.

Wind Deflectors can also allow you to control overall airflow through the driver's compartment, allowing you to keep cabin temperatures cooler on a hot day or warmer when it’s a cold day whilst still having additional ventilation.

As van accessories go, fitting these to your VW Transporter T4 1996-2003 is straightforward and is done by using the supplied strong 3M adhesive tape. No tools; just follow the instructions provided.

  • Supplied in a set to suit your vehicle
  • Exterior 3M adhesive easy fitting - no tools required
  • No clips, bending, or force fitting
  • Made from hard-wearing acrylic
  • Our Trux wind deflectors are boxed and wrapped with instructions included
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