Top rated Ford Transit Custom accessories

The medium sized Ford Transit Custom has topped the new van sales lists in the UK for a decade – for good reasons. A driveable size combined with a spacious interior, a good level of driver comfort and a pleasing design makes the Custom a very well-regarded all-rounder. At Vanimal, we stock and deliver a great range of accessories and aftermarket upgrades made for all versions of the Transit Custom van, and here are our top-rated bespoke products … and why.





Roof racks

Don’t waste the potentially valuable cargo space on top of your van – expand its functionality with a roof carrying system. Rails are often fitted as standard, depending on which model of Transit Custom you have; these run from front to back, and cross bars fit across the rails from side to side. There are also complete platform type roof rack kits available, but whether its ladders, canoes or bikes you need to move, make it easy and safe with a custom-fit set. Many of our Vanimal roof systems can be locked for security and can be quickly removed if needed. Browse Vanimal bespoke roof racks for the Transit Custom here.





Racking systems

Any Transit Custom which needs to transport tools or equipment would benefit from a tailor-made racking system, such as the comprehensive Vanimal range. The availability of well-made practical, lightweight and cost-effective interior storage is better than ever - Transit drivers don’t need to spend a small fortune on ill-fitting rattling racks any longer. Keeping everything organised and safely secured in place not only protects it all, but maximises space usage – and even specialist requirements are catered for, such as glass sheet transport and sealant tube storage. Browse Vanimal bespoke racking for the Transit Custom here.





Tailored seat covers

Seat covers may not strike anyone as the most exciting off add-ons to a new Transit Custom, but they are on the essentials list for good reason. Firstly, the difference between truly tailor-made seat covers and the universal kind is immense, not only in terms of comfort (no sitting on lumpy wrinkles or constant readjusting), but in coverage and practicality. A good set of well cut washable, waterproof seat covers will earn their keep within weeks and keep interiors well protected from grime and grit for years – to find your set click here.





Tow bars

Similar to roof racks, a tow bar will increase your van’s capabilities for cargo transportation, and it is equally important to invest in one which is compatible with your van. Some of the available types are even detachable, so the tow ball can be quickly taken off when not required, and may or not may be supplied a wiring kit. For obvious safety reasons, careful fitting is a must, so consider a professional installation for this van highly useful upgrade. Browse Vanimal tow bars for the Transit Custom here, for more information about tow bar fitting services, click here.





Alloy wheels

If you want to turn heads with your wheels, there really isn’t any bigger change-up than a set of exceptional alloys. Once only an option for luxury cars, now this level of style and distinction is made just for Transit Custom owners by Predator, in a selection of bold multi-spoke designs. Finished in black with hard-wearing lacquer top coats, they are built for tough Transit Custom service. Browse Vanimal bespoke alloys for the Transit Custom here.