Rear van view of the Prest Engeering custom racking

Vanimal racking is already a UK-wide best seller, due to its practical, simple and cost-effective solution to internal van storage for tools and equipment, and now we can offer a 100% bespoke design service to customers. A custom-built racking system can be designed to accommodate any type of particular storage needs, no matter what type of vehicle they drive.

Using state-of-the-art 3D software – Solidworks - our experienced Vanimal technician Will has recently carried out a custom racking build for an engineering company, Prest Engineering. Working in collaboration with them, Will found out exactly what type, size and dimension of storage they needed for specialist equipment, and designed a layout which perfectly suited all their requirements. In addition to the need to accommodate this equipment, their vehicle is a Maxus Deliver 9, which is a more unusual model.

Solidworks dislplayed on computer screens

The racking is made from Hexaboard, which is a strong versatile board used widely in construction, furniture making and the automotive industry. It features a durable coating which helps make it more water, impact and corrosion-resistant. The textured surface looks smart in a black finish.

The CAD software gives a 3D rendered image so the customer can gauge how the layout will work once in place, and what space is left etc; so they can adjust as necessary before the unit is physically cut and built. Changes can be made easily until customer requirements are met - saving time, materials and cost in production.

3D models of the custom racking

“The customer needed specific storage areas and compartments so they can safely transport certain materials and products, says Will, “which needed to be an exact fit, and we were more than happy to work with them to design the perfect racking system, which we have also installed. It’s been a great project to work on …the customer is very pleased, and we also precision cut their company name onto the unit.”

Nearside custom racking Offside custom racking


















We are now offering this bespoke design service to anyone with similar parameters, and can usually design, build and install (this is optional, as Vanimal racking is straightforward to self-fit) a bespoke storage system in a couple of weeks. This service means limitless racking options are available over and above the standard off the shelf products. Contact Vanimal to find out how we can help furbish your van with a tailor-made effective storage solution, and ask for James.